Saturday, November 3, 2007

Final Project Posting.

Throughout this project i've gain some hands-on experience in blogging and better expressive writing. The online research and journalism via blogging has helped me gain a little insight into the industry that i have so much passion for.

This project was a worhtwhile learning tool because in the media industry new things are always coming up and new ways to express yourself are always popping up. Blogging has become a major force in the world as far as journalism and expressing one's self so this project was perfect for us to hone our skills and get used to researching online and spreading information to other people which is one media is all about.

My thesis is still that blogs are more accessible than traditional means of communication lately more and more people have been spending time on the computer.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Info Blog v. Vanity Blog

Vanity Blog: Sneakermind.Blogspot.Com
Info is a vanity blog that belongs to one of my friends. I think it's a perfect example of what a vanity blog should be. Includes interesting updates and pictures so as not to leaving you hanging without a visual of what he's actually doing. It's also a way to display his photography skills. It keeps the reader entertained on the intellectual front as well as the visual. is a blog that is run by 4 Rastafarian Reggae musicians. Their daily blog always has opinions on current issues in politics, society, media, the entertainment business, as well as some specialty areas. Their writing is always informative, never incorrect, and never too biased. They even have a few comical blogs for pure joking purposes. Their blogs have a few hundred loyal readers who constantly comment, argue, agree, and come back everyday to read their stuff. This is the perfect example of an info blog.

I think blogging supports this type of journalism better than print media because there are people who like to connect with people and see what's going on in their lives, people like to see what other interests other human beings have or just to connect with someone who may relate to them. On the internet people tend to talk to each other alot, but you don't always get to directly have someone post their daily happenings or post pictures to let you into their lives.

Also many people want information and are tired of going to cnn or reading a regular informative magazine because of the bias, the advertising, the same stories, without real opinions. People want to go to info blogs to of course gain information and also to converse with other human beings whether it be a positive discussion or a heated online argument people just like to connect and learn.

on a scale of 1-5 I give this a 5.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

E-zines Vs. Blogs (blog)- is a very well known site among the hiphop community. gives up to date news on albums, reviews, gossip etc. it went from being a blog to a major entrepreneurial blog, which now gains revenue. a site based around pretty much the same thing as allhiphop just with more videos but less appeal, creativity and looks very basic

In my opinion looked more professional, it had more design quality and had all the information layed out. allhiphop was easier to find, not to mention more well known than the other site. They both covered similar things but allhiphop had much more up to date information. In my opinion allhiphop has more credible information because it has been proven to be reliable and is a better known source than hiphop elements. I would rather go to allhiphop than a print magazine because all hip hop givesme news, gossip, as well as videos and preview music downloads, and is also more easily accessible.

5-strongly supports my thesis.

Business Blogs

1.'s a blog in which people that are into sneakers, tee shirts, fitted caps, and other accessories can find news on release dates, upcoming products, and new collaborations in the urban fashion world gave me alot of information about entrepreneurial blogs and what they can do for small businesses this link gave me alot of information on choosing what kind of audience your marketing towards and basically getting started

2. An entreprenuer could make a myspace page associated with their blog and just add various people to spread the word about their blog that way. A blog can get advertisment on sites such as google when someone starts searching without having to pay a hefty cost of google advertising. Blogs are very effective because blogs have recently gained more attention and are reaching more people.

3. 5-it strongly supported my thesis

Saturday, October 6, 2007


What's going on everybody I'm Stefan aka "Steezy". After researching the credibility and the effect blogging has had on reaching an audience and impacting classic journalism i've come to the conclusion that most blogs are relatively reliable sources for gaining information. The bloggers all across the world are people who have carefully formulated their ideas based on their own personal gathering of information and their own emotions and opinions. Bloggers tend to try and make sure their blogs are correct because no one wants to be insulted by a reader who has the right information because they instantly lose credibilty (or whatever credibility they may have had) and also end up losing readers.

Blogs are more accessible than traditional means of communication and news because lately more and more people have been spending their time on the computer. Whether it be shopping, paying bills, keeping in touch with friends and family, meeting future life parteners etc. Since most people are using the computer more often and for more things, and since people are fixated on instant gratification blogs have become more popular thus reaching a larger audience. People are becoming more politically aware and have begun to build strong opinions, they now want to search the web for people with similar and opposite opinions to either gain new information or for purely arguments sake. People aren't able to converse or argue with the people they see on t.v. or the magazine writers but blogs are instantly interactive where they can not only communicate with the blogger, they can also communicate with fellow readers.

I disagree with the claim that blogging has significantly affected the print journalism industry because print journalism is not like live radio or CNN. Print journalism can't really compete with the real-time of blogs, radio, and television news. Not discrediting print journalism because it will always have it's place in media. In my opinion blogging has more so affected radio and t.v. broadcasting because most radio stations or channels have to give you a politically correct, unbiased view (excluding Fox News), whereas a blogger can take all the information they've gathered from classic sources and throw his or her own opinion into the mix. Bloggers are regular people who are writing to regular people, with real information and opinions that pertain to each other, without worry of losing their advertisers, or being fired by their editors. At the same time blogging is significantly close to mainstream media because mainstream media is still slightly corrupted with half information and half truths to sway the opinions of the audience. Blogs are in my opinion places to get the whole truth, and someone's entire opinion.